For Artists

We'd Love to Feature Your Music!

The Golden Biscuit Hour casts a wide net. We play English language folk music — original and traditional — from across the globe.

If you'd like to make us aware of your music, please feel free to send us your CDs (or download codes) and either mail or email us whatever background information or media kit you have. We include a lot of information about artists in our show, so the more we know about you, the better.

If you are using snail mail, please send materials to the following address:

Greg Hankins
Golden Biscuit Hour
2126 Yank Road
Mount Gilead, NC 27306

Or you can click here to email us!

We can't guarantee your music will wind up on the show, but we can guarantee that we will listen to it and give it our full consideration.

Each of our shows are based around a theme and playlists are set months in advance. We are not a show that focuses on new releases, though we do love to know about them.

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